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Why Critical Reach?

Why is nonprofit Critical Reach capable of deploying and managing the nation’s community alert system?

Experience and Knowledge:

  • Since Critical Reach was founded in 1995, our mission has been to build safer communities.
  • We established the nation’s largest authority-based alert system.
  • We have deployed Critical Reach on local, county, and state levels.
  • We understand the need, the solution required to fill it, and have become a trusted solution provider to law enforcement.

Proven Technology:

  • 1700 agencies in several states currently use Critical Reach alert technology.
  • Our national servers can support many more authority organizations.
  • Authorities distribute over 900,000 Critical Reach alerts each month.
  • Critical Reach has contributed to many felony arrests, and the safe return home of many missing adults and endangered children.

Dynamic Public/Private Business Model:

  • Critical Reach integrates health and safety authorities at all levels.
  • Philanthropic funding enables Critical Reach to cost-effectively equip authorities with the needed alert system.

Trusted Steward:

  • Critical Reach’s technology and staff have earned the respect of law enforcement, community organizations, and donors.
  • Our trustworthy oversight ensures that the Critical Reach alert system and address book are used in the public’s best interests.

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